F-Money F-Money F-Money
F-Money F-Money F-Money



* 3D/AR shown is of uncustomized board

For custom dimensions write to: dochboc@gmail.com.

The #1 Shortboard that we make at Surf RX!

This is our current high performance shortboard! Featuring a little fuller nose, hidden volume under the chest, a touch wider through the body, blending effortlessly back to a performance tail. On the bottom we have a fairly deep single to a sunken double concave through the tail which helps this board paddle well, go fast, and keeps it lively off the tail! It’s slightly relaxed nose rocker, fuller nose, wider outline are foiled in a way that really hides the extra width and volume, and keeps the F Money looking very sleek and traditional. The F Money is so money in good waves!



Wave height

2-6 ft



Paddle power