G-Nome G-Nome G-Nome
G-Nome G-Nome G-Nome



* 3D/AR shown is of uncustomized board

Get some magic under your feet!

This model goes insane in small to medium surf! With its wide template, low entry rocker (but just enough for steeper drops and rentries), and gracious volume foiled sublimely under the chest, this board hunts down and paddles into waves easily! Up and planing da G-NOME flys down sections. To give you the control and confidence to turn that speed into powerful maneuver ability, a single hip narrows the tail quickly into a performance squash tail. 4 channels along with performance twin fin template gives this board drive and hold allowing the board to track higher in the wave’s face then a normal thruster- but with the stabilizer option this board still pivots off the bottom like a performance thruster! Da G - NOME catches waves like nothing, goes fast as hell, and has the performance elements to utilize all that speed to surf as aggressively as you want!



Wave height

1-6 ft



Paddle power