Tur-Twin Tur-Twin Tur-Twin
Tur-Twin Tur-Twin Tur-Twin



* 3D/AR shown is of uncustomized board

For custom dimensions write to: dochboc@gmail.com.

Enjoy the glide of a classic twin with more progressive ability!

The Tur-Twin is a progressive mash-up of my Flying Turtle and Old School twin models (Get it, Tur-Twin?). I combined the deep double barrel concave from the V-12 Flying Turtle with the outline and gracious volume of the Old School Twin, making for a much more maneuverable progressive surfing retro twin. The deep double barrel concave allows this wide board to transition from rail to rail quickly, allowing this board to do maneuvers on steeper parts of the face, the area between the concave acts as vee which allows this board to roll over on rail easier while keeping the board fast and free. Many of my team riders and customers have been loving the old school feel with the added turning abilities of the Tur-Twin!



Wave height

1-4 ft



Paddle power