No Bad Days No Bad Days No Bad Days
No Bad Days No Bad Days No Bad Days

No Bad Days


* 3D/AR shown is of uncustomized board

Come in from every session with an ear to ear grin!

I have never built a board that lives up to its name as well as the No Bad Days model! This board has a mid length (or even longer!) template originating from the Turtle family. It has the same low entry rocker and full nose, with a turtle double barrel concave to allow this longer board to turn like a much shorter/narrower board. It has a center box for a fin in the 6.5” to 9” range with glassed on ‘thangs’ -which are my version of wide base keels fins. This board is so fun and easy to ride, yet you can put it on rail and rip it. The No Bad Day Thang taking mid-lengths to the extreme!



Wave height

1-6 ft



Paddle power