G-Money II G-Money II G-Money II
G-Money II G-Money II G-Money II

G-Money II


* 3D/AR shown is of uncustomized board

The G-money is like gold when hunting the barrel of your dreams!

Doc likes to describe the G-Money as, “A reverse mullet: party in the front, and all business in the back!” With a bit less entry rocker and a little more width and volume foiled perfectly under your chest, this board will get you over the ledge into a sick drainer, and the sexy pulled-in tail and sharp rail will hold and allow you to adjust your line in the pit! This board has been rigorously tested in various conditions, including slabs in Ireland, psycho tubes in the Canary Islands, the slamming beach breaks of Mexico, and the running barrels of the Mentawais. This board is a proven barrel hunter! It can be shaped according the size of waves you desire to be ride, from 5’6” to 10’6” (See G Money II Gun) the G-money will help fill your barrel prescription!



Wave height

4-25 ft



Paddle power